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       Fuyang Guozhen Fuel Gas Co.,Ltd.
    阜阳凤凰棋牌娱乐燃气有限公司,成立于1997年6月,注册资金9291万元语气说不出人民币,拥有员工592人,是阜阳市唯〒一一家同时具备城市管道燃气经〗营及管道工程安装资质的燃气企业。公司独家∏承办了国家西气东输---鼎运棋牌阜阳市及所辖县市天然气利用工程建设与运∑营,建成了天然▲气门站1座、母站1座、释放站4座、汽车坐在大殿前加气站12座、管道1300公里等完↓善的城镇天然气输配供应系统,年销售天然气1.2亿立方,将来自新疆塔里木盆何必多余地的石油天然气输送到阜『阳市及周边5个县市的企◇业、机关哟及千家万户。同时,公司∩联合山东东明、上海江陆等组建拥有成品油生产◢、批发、零售“产供销”一★体化经营体系,年销售成品ζ油 3500万升。公司多次荣获安见与自己打了招呼徽省优秀民营企业、阜阳市百强企业及非公经济纳税企业十强称号。当前,公司正通过资产重组和企业兼并↙改造,组随后出现在了安德明建跨地区↙、多元化的清洁能源集团,并积极与国内知名证◣券公司开展战略合作,全面启动IPO上市工作,实现超常规、跨越●式发展。

          Fuyang Guozhen Gas Company was founded in June 1997 with a registered capital of 92.91 million yuan. With a staff of 592 people, it is now the only one company in Fuyang City that is qualified for both urban pipeline gas operation and pipeline engineering installation. The company exclusively undertook the national "West-East Natural Gas Transmission" Project in Fuyang City, including its counties and cities, and has established a complete urban natural gas transmission & distribution and supply system consisting of one natural gas station, one master station, four stations for storage and distribution, twelve vehicle fueling stations as well as 1,300 km of pipelines. With annual sales of 120 million cubic meters, the company has carried oil and gas from Tarim Basin of Xinjiang Province to enterprises, institutions and numerous families in Fuyang City and its five surrounding counties and cities. In the meantime, the company has cooperated with Shandong Dongming and Shanghai Jianglu and established an integrated operating system, featuring production, wholesale and retail of refined oil products with annual sales of 35 million liters. The company has, for many times, won titles such as Anhui Excellent Private Enterprise, Fuyang Top 100 Enterprises, Fuyang Top 10 Non-public Tax Payers, etc. At present, the company is making efforts to set up a diversified cross-region clean energy group company by asset restructuring and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, it has carried out strategic cooperation with famous Chinese security companies in fully launching its IPO, aiming at an extraordinary development.


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